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Taking solar energy to new heights


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Our American made Tower Panel Deployment System enables the construction of commercial and public utility level solar power production installations having many advantages over traditional ground mounted systems (GMS).

The Tower Panel Deployment System is a vertical telescoping solar mounting system using a simple crossed-linked-lever mechanism (aka scissor lift) to stack the solar panels vertically to save covered ground space. The apparatus achieves 1-axis-tracking by using the lifting ability to continually adjust the panels to its optimal solar producing angle, thus increasing a panels yearly output by 20-24% over its efficiency when installed on a GMS.

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Advantages Over Ground Mount Systems

Required Land For Installation

Using the Tower Panel Deployment System the equivalent solar power output of a ground mounted systems (GMS) be produced on a savings of required land from 45-55%. With savings of cleared and maintained land on an equivalent sized parcel of 63%, which can be left natural or reallocated for some other use by the public.

Environmental Impact

Traditionally a GMS is installed in fully cleared large open areas impacting the local environment. Effecting natural wildlife habitats and migration patterns, storm water runoff, and dust control are just a few to mention. Our Tower Panel Deployment System only requires clearing in staggered in 1-3 acre areas for each cluster of towers, and has little to no impact to natural wildlife habitats and migration or drainage patterns. With full growth natural vegetation surrounding the area mitigating dust concerns.

Site installation & Operational Maintenance

When compared to a GMS the initial preparation needed to prepare the site (clearing, re-grading, stump and root removal, erosion control measures) are minimal. An access path and area for the apparatus are all that is required.  While a GMS requires regular scheduled mowing and seeding to maintain the site, our system requires the initial clearing and very little else.

Production Downtime

A traditional GMS can be down for days even weeks after snowfall events, large maintenance crew required to clear panels or no there will be no output production until snow melts. After a snowfall event our Tower Panel Deployment System can rise to near vertical to shed snow to ground.

Community Perception

Due to the smaller area required, situating this more towards the center of a parcel or at least hundreds feet from any thoroughfare or residences, there is no visual impact of the installation to the public at all, reducing possible complaints.

Tax Advantages

Viewed from tax basis less taxable land required for same output of power generation as a GMS. The tower assembly, considered equipment and 100% depreciable, the owner is afforded the choice of how fast they wish to depreciate their costs. The Municipality gains from the higher tax rate on the equipment than commercial land.


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